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Comprehensive, End-to-End Design & Manufacturing, Consulting, Installation & Support

Engineered with modular designs and innovative features, AutoGuide’s Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are low-cost and backed by a comprehensive range of end-to-end support to deliver maximum value to your operation no matter what your industry.

Man-Aboard Tugger AGV Manufacturing

AGV Design & Manufacturing

For more than two decades, AutoGuide has designed, developed, built and stocked standard, affordably priced AGVs that adapt to a broad range of material handling applications. And, if after commissioning you have a production or load handling change, there’s no need to alter or replace the AutoGuide AGVs; simply modify the load handling frames.

Through continuous investment, AutoGuide is home to one of the world’s leading AGV research and design groups in Troy, Michigan. Further, we routinely evaluate and add new systems and technologies that enhance the efficiency of our own manufacturing processes in our Georgetown, Kentucky facility. Building—and stocking—our products in the USA keeps both lead times down and reduces our customers’ costs.

AGV System Consulting

AGV System Consulting

Not sure how—or if—an AGV system would work in your facility? Need help to determine if a man-aboard tugger or low profile AGV (or combination of the two) is the best fit for your operation? Let AutoGuide’s experienced team of sales engineers lead the way.

Using sophisticated software, we build a simulation showing your entire system including AGVs and any other integrated equipment such as automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), conveyors, sorters and more. See the impact of altering a path, adding or removing vehicles, changing the number of pickup and drop off spots, and more before committing to an AGV investment. We will also calculate your anticipated payback in both time and cost savings.

AGV System Installation

AGV System Installation

AutoGuide AGVs and systems are engineered for quick installation and easy programming by your team. Alternately, AutoGuide can provide installation and integration services through our sister company, Heartland Automation, or from a trusted partner within our qualified network of systems integrators.

And if you need to integrate your vehicles with other existing automation equipment or software such as a WMS, ERP or MES, AutoGuide’s AVINU AGV Traffic Control Software features open architecture that can be configured into programmable logic control (PLC) systems for server-based control.

AGV Maintenance & Support

AGV Maintenance, Support & Training

After your AutoGuide AGV system is commissioned, free telephone support is always available.

And, although our vehicles are engineered for easy maintenance by your internal team, we also offer comprehensive, off-site training classes. Lessons include vehicle-specific operation, programming, routing and trouble shooting, as well as AVINU Traffic Control software setup, navigation, customization and use.

Further, for companies who prefer to outsource their AGV maintenance management, AutoGuide also offers routine and emergency on-site service contracts.

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